How to prevent acne

Squeezing acne can cause permanent scar

How to prevent acne? Many people asks me this question again and again. Well, there are many simple way to prevent acne. Just make sure you read all of this article. Acne develops when the body’s sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. This combined with the mucus cells of sebaceous glands clog the pores. The […]

Natural acne treatment with turmeric mask

How to make turmeric mask

Many people misapply acne treatment, so that after the treatment, usually leave acne scars. Those acne scars can be very difficult to heal, and can be permanent. The following natural acne treatment with turmeric mask is very effective to remove acne, and doesn’t leave scar. Natural methods usually will not cause scarring, but also good […]

Acne, pore astringent with yogurt

Yogurt is also tasty

Yogurt works to clean and rejuvenate skin, treat acne, reduce bruising, tighten pores. Yogurt has many beneficial effects for the skin, because the component contains lactic acid – physical exfoliation extremely efficient and smooth skin. 1. Deep cleansing and skin rejuvenation The easiest way is buy a box of unsweetened yogurt and apply a layer […]

Toothpaste acne treatment

Use toothpaste to treat acne

Toothpaste has the main task is to clean and protect teeth, besides, it also works to treat acne, beauty quite safe and effective. Apply toothpaste acne treatment, so you can get good effect with reasonable price. Toothpaste containing chemicals that destroy the bacteria that cause acne, heal the damage caused by acne. Sodium pyrophosphate is […]

How to choose acne wash for oily skin

Oily skin takes a lot more effort than others

Every skin types has its own pros and cons. Oily skin may hard to make up, hard to choose the right cosmetics, and seems like acne loves oily skin. But oily skin has some amazing sides you may not know. Curious, right? Read the article, and you’ll find out soon. “Personality” of oily skin If […]

Acne treatment at home with face steaming

Steaming with Chrysanthemums

Steaming your face not only gets rid of dirt and other adhesive-harmful factors in the skin, also add some herbs in the water will help your skin smoother, shiny throughout all seasons. Experts has proved that this method gives the burst efficiency for those who have lost faith in the performance of high-end cosmetics, even […]

Everyday habits that make your acne worse

Squeezing acne is considered the worst thing to do

If you don’t want you acne condition get worse, stop doing those things. 1. Squeezing acne Although we were very carefully instructed not to tamper touched the stubborn pimples on the face but still have a lot of teens are expert in “handling” her acne by hands! Do you know the harmful effects of the […]

13 mistakes to think about acne

Let's fight acne together

Still there are some common misconceptions about acne. You should consult the following 13 things about acne surprising to protect your skin. 13. Acne is contagious Many people think that acne can spread, but this is just a myth. Acne occurs due to the hormonal activity in the body and can not be transmitted from […]

Warts treatment guidelines with rapidly effective

Pineapples for warts treatment – Sometimes, cosmetics are fast solution to help eliminate skin problems, but you know that’s not the only effective solution? Moreover, the warts can appear on the entire body, it is best that you select the natural weapon for warts treatment before ask for help from experts. We will let you test the following […]

Measures to prevent and treat genital warts at home

Use vitamin E oil to treat genital warts – Almost always you are at risk of genital warts. The disease is not treated entirely because HPV virus usually¬†dive deep and reappear after sometime. Before selecting the remedy for genital warts at home, consult the physician is essential, because because a number of home remedies may not be as you desire. Vitamin E […]